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Hallmarks are used to guarantee the purity or fineness of gold and silver articles. With us, you would be getting precise hallmarking with quality assessment. Hallmarking on gold and silver jewel is the best of our services to our customers from years. As you know gold and silver ornaments are too soft to withstand any marking, wear and tear even for purity marking. So, we prefer laser marking for hallmarking to prevent decorations from any kind of damage or unwanted marks. Hallmarking can be done with punches, X-ray fluorescence technique, cupellation and many other ways. But the prevalent is laser marking. We hallmark on all gold and silver articles to define its purity.

Hallmark is basically a symbol that acts as a safeguard of gold and golden objects that indicates the purity of gold. In simpler words we can say that Hallmark is the certification of the purity of gold. Hallmarking process basically involves evaluation of golden objects at hallmarking and Assaying centre which are later certified as pure on the national and international standards. Hallmarking in India is a voluntary process. The jewelers who intend to get their jewellery hallmarked contact Bureau of Indian Standards for a fee based license, after acquiring the license the jewellery is sent to BIS recognized A&HMC. The Indian Government had launched BIS in the year 2000.

If a golden object has a hallmark of Bureau of Standards Logo, it contains major aspects like the fineness number, mark of Assaying and Hallmarking Centre where the jewellery has been assayed and marked with the year of the mark and manufacturers mark. In simpler words the object is aptly tested and assured with complete purity.